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Buy Dunlop squash balls online

Buy Dunlop squash balls online? Whether you are a junior, beginner, intermediate or advanced player, here you find the squash ball that best suits your level. At Squashpoint we sell squash balls of the leading manufacturer Dunlop. For the last decades Dunlop has managed to produce squash balls with an unmatched performance, durability and consistency. It is very important that you choose the right ball for your level so that the ball stays warm and lively during play. You can move to the next grade of squash ball as your game develops.

There are 4 different types of Dunlop squash balls:
1 Pro (double yellow dot) - This is the only squash ball that is used in international professional play. It most suitable for professional, tournament and good club players.
2 Competition (single yellow dot) - This ball is designed for club players or for use on very cool courts. It has a 10% longer hang time than the Dunlop Pro Squash Ball.
3 Progress - This ball is aimed at improvers and recreational players. It is 6% larger and has a 20% longer hang time than the Dunlop Pro Squash Ball.
4 Intro - This squash ball is for beginners and young juniors. It is 12% larger and has a 40% longer hang time than the Dunlop Pro Squash Ball.

If you would like expert advice on which Dunlop squash ball you should buy, don't hesitate to contact us.

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