Colin - 29 / 03 / 2019 @ 21:25
I couldn't disagree more. My experience with Harrow racquets are that they're over-priced, heavy and poorly built. They are consistently more expensive than other brands, tend to be higher weights than other brands and break more easily. I find that their "new" racquets are just the same racquets as the year before with a new paint job. I had two brand new Harrows a few years back and both broke with in 6 months. I wonder if this was a paid "blog post" (read: advertisement) from Harrow to promote the brand in Europe.

I find other brands, especially Tecnifibre, to be a much better racquet. For the price, look and feel, they're much better. I've accidentally banged them on walls for years, and they rarely break, and it's impossible to beat getting their string from the factory.

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